Tips & Resources You Need to Know to Adapt to Working From Home

We have officially entered the digital work age, with many people working from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While there are some benefits to remote work arrangements, working from home can feel a bit odd if you have never done it before. There are schedules to maintain and distractions to manage, especially if you also have kids and a spouse at home all day too. Before you start feeling overwhelmed by your remote work changes, keep these tips in mind:

Yes, You Do Need a Home Office to Stay Productive

  • Designing an appropriate workspace can be fairly simple so long as you choose the right spot.

  • Speaking of video conferences, you may want to use a mobile hotspot if you set up your home office in a location that is outside of your home or away from your router.
  • Architectural Digest suggests adding furniture and decor that will make your new office just as stylish as it is functional.
  • Also, think about adding a meditation corner to reduce stress in your home office.

Yes, You Can Stay Productive With Kids at Home

  • Most kids are still attending school online, but if that’s not enough to keep your children occupied, be ready with some backup activities.
  • Working efficiently when kids are at home requires some planning and discipline.

  • Sharing office space with your spouse can also prove distracting, so try to agree on shared responsibilities, work schedules, and “do not disturb” areas.
  • Pets can be pretty distracting too, but you can use dog music to keep yours calm.

No, You Don’t Need Actual Meetings to Stay Connected

  • Chat tools can be useful for keeping those communication lines open.
  • Open communication is the best method for collaborating with coworkers.

  • If you want to collaborate with clients or coworkers, project management tools can also help everyone stay on the same page.
  • Reach out to freelancers if there are any tasks you and your team are unable to complete.

  • If you’re starting a new business, reach out to your local chamber of commerce for support.


Adapting to remote work can be a challenge for many people. So if you are currently struggling with this change, know that you are not alone, and by tweaking your environment, your routine, and your collaboration methods, you can stay productive.