How to Protect Your Privacy and Your Data When Working Remotely

Whether you love working from home or miss the social interactions you got from the office, you’ve got to take steps to protect your privacy in your home office. You’re probably already familiar with keeping your data safe in your office; however, it’s common to run into a different set of issues when you’re using a computer to do your work remotely. Below, find out how to get yourself set up for a better — and safer — work-from-home experience.

Separating Work and Personal Files

It’s harder to keep data safe and organized when you’re using a personal computer for remote work or using the same device for multiple purposes. Here are things you might consider doing.

  • Get a dedicated work computer and a new monitor with better screen size.

  • Create separate accounts if multiple people in your home share the same PC.
  • When using a work computer at home, never store these personal items on it.
  • Be careful about accessing your personal email account when using a company computer or remotely accessing a company server, even if you’re at home.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Whether you use a personal computer, get a new one just for work, or use a computer provided by your employer, make sure it’s safe from threats.

  • Make sure your home wireless network is password protected.
  • Don’t use the same passwords for multiple accounts, including work and personal use.

  • No matter how secure your passwords are, change them regularly.
  • Make sure your computer is protected with good antivirus or antimalware software.
  • Have a plan for backing up your data so you don’t lose progress on work.
  • Be sure to log out of sensitive work accounts when you’re done using them.

  • If your work involves especially sensitive information, consider using a VPN.
  • Follow safety procedures if you do video conferences on a platform like Zoom.


Keeping your work and personal data protected is a bit different when you work remotely. By following these precautions, you can help keep your work and personal life separate online while avoiding cyberthreats that can hamper your ability to work safely.